eZENtial Yoga

Hi, I’m Camille (the proud owner of Ezential Yoga). All skill levels are encouraged to practice the art of yoga. Together, we practice chair yoga, gentle yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and everything in between. I started my yoga journey 12 years ago. I am a certified yoga instructor with degrees in physical therapy and psychology. I focus making yoga more inclusive to people who may have physical limitations. I enjoy spreading the rehabilitative and restorative benefits of yoga!
Sunday Morning Gentle/Chair Yoga Class

This is perfect for people who are struggling with orthopaedic issues or flexibility issues. This is a gentle yoga class format. There will be seated and standing sequences, balance poses (supported). Yoga instructor has 20+ yrs experience in physical therapy so cues are given throughout.

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Sunday Morning Mat Yoga Class

Mat yoga is Hatha yoga which is creating balance between activity and relaxation. Requirements for this style are just the ability to get up and down from the floor as we will be transitioning btwn laying down poses and standing poses. Students do not need to have previous yoga experience.

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